Could I (or a Loved One) Be Becoming Addicted to Opiates

The caring professionals at The Other Side Treatment Center (TOS)  see patients that come with many different characteristics and those characteristics often goes undetected. As professionals we have sophisticated scientific detection protocols. At the same time there are a few simple questions you can ask yourself to determine if you or a loved one needs to see us for a professional diagnosis.  Here is an excellent set of questions that we are happy to share with you.

  • You can’t predict whether or not you will use the desired drug
  • You believe that in order to have fun you need to use the drug
  • You turn to drugs after a confrontation or argument, or to relieve uncomfortable feeling
  • You use more drugs to get the same effect that you got with smaller amounts
  • You give up activities that you or your loved ones used to do such as sports, homework, or hanging out with friends who don’t use do drugs or drink
  • You use drugs and/or drink alone
  • You remember how last night began, but not how it ended, so you’re worried you may have a problem
  • You have trouble at work or in school because of your drug use
  • Get into trouble with the law
  • You are taking risks, including sexual risks and driving under the influence of the drugs
  • You or your friend or teen has been suspended from school for or an alcohol- or drug- related incident
  • You make promises to yourself or others that you’ll stop using drugs or getting drunk
  • You feel alone, scared, miserable, depressed even suicidal

Alternatively, we are happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns you might have concerning opiate addiction. Please contact us at: (888) 509-2306 or visit us online at


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