Withdrawal can be a nasty experience!

Many people who are addicted to opiates remain addicted just to avoid the awful experience called withdrawal. The compassionate professionals at The Other Side Treatment Center have a strong commitment to make sure no person ever needs to go through withdrawal more than once, because once is more than enough.

Our science based approach and personalized treatment protocols are designed to assure each patient that a return to a normal life is not only possible, but with strong patient commitment it is probable.

The story of John Lenec is both accurate and graphic. In his own words:

“Withdrawal starts with the panic in your head that you’re running out of drugs,” Mr. Lenec said. “Then once you’ve had some abstinence for two, five, six hours, depending on your length of use and amount of use, you start feeling a little nauseous. Lower-back pain kicks in. You start getting sweats. Then chills will run up your body.”

He would go from sweating to hiding under the covers trying to stay warm before the nausea would kick in, Mr. Lenec said.

“You start vomiting. Then once everything is out of you, you still vomit. You’re dry-heaving. You’re going so hard that your stomach hurts. Your muscles are going. You have major diarrhea for one, two days. Then you’re blocked.”

It is not difficult to understand why some people would rather keep taking opioids than go through withdrawal. One of our missions at The Other Side Treatment Center is equip patients with the support and tools necessary to avoid having to go through this process repeatedly.


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