Even Our Most Promising Athletes Fall Victim to Addiction

…. from the mat to the medicine to the morgue

One of the things folks appreciate about The Other Side Treatment Center (TOS) is that our staff is not just passionate about customizing a treatment protocol for each patient, we are compassionate as well. We understand the incredible pressures and difficult obstacles that must be addressed continually if we are going to be successful in treating the opioid epidemic.

Unfortunately, we also know the serious consequences of inadequate or ineffective treatment. One particularly troublesome circumstance is the gifted and dedicated athletes that become victims of prescribed opioids to address the pain associated with injuries and the injury recovery process.

Without proper treatment that addresses the whole person…medical, physical, and psychological- the story too frequently ends in tragedy- unnecessary tragedy.

“Drew started wrestling as a high school freshman and he lost nearly all of his matches. Yet by junior year he was a co-captain and was planning to wrestle in college. He went from 1-21 to 21-2. Marsha always cringed when she watched her only boy wrestle – there was one time he had his entire face wrapped from an injury – and she vividly remembers the shoulder injury that ended his career as a senior. A doctor prescribed Oxycodone.”

“The shoulder healed, but Drew didn’t.”

“Drew Gintis, at age 18, had become addicted to painkillers. And like so many who have fallen victim to America’s opioid crisis, he started to take drastic measures to feel the way he felt on the meds. He raided cabinets, stole pills, and then it got even worse – heroin use. What was once a household’s excitement about college became a battle to save a son.”


Keep in mind the solution is not to avoid sports, but to avoid the excessive use of opioid painkillers, and if your loved one inadvertently goes too far, get help immediately! That help is why we exist as a treatment center.


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