We welcome skeptics.

The Other Side – using science and medicine we move you beyond your opiate addiction. We start by finding the cause of your physical pain and address it while we tackle your addiction. Let us introduce you to a first of its kind medical, physical and psychological way to manage pain and addiction.

It’s a layered problem.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently, you cannot always cure opiate addiction, sometimes you can only manage it. You can however remove the cause of the physical pain that led to the opiate addiction in the first place with physical therapy. We can also uncover any psychological and/or emotional issues that contributed to your addiction and assist you in dealing with those issues.

Treatment options

We’re doctors not patients

TOS is physician-centered and run. Other rehab or detox facilities are typically founded and operated by someone that was an addict themselves. We are staffed by healthcare professionals who use a scientific plan blended with healthcare experiences and compassion.

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Here to Listen.

The physical nature of opiate addiction is traumatic, but the emotional and psychological damage can be equally devastating. TOS addresses this pain through Group Counseling, as well as Individual Counseling and Family Counseling.

Personalized Treatment.

Addiction has only one commonality: it ruins lives. TOS approaches each case with individualized care. No two persons have the same reason for their opiate addiction, so each person will receive a personalized treatment plan.

Keep your routine.

Most people with an addiction have learned how to hide it from coworkers and even sometimes from their family. Our treatment can follow inpatient treatment, but you are not required to live away from your job or your family. We keep your treatment discreet and confidential. 

What Hope looks like.

Hope looks attainable and realistic. Our treatment protocol is not an escape from your reality. We have taken evidence based, proven steps to treat addition like we would any other illness or chronic ailment. Our treatment plans involve addressing any areas that need attention, so that nothing gets overlooked causing you to stumble on down the road. 

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It begins now.

TOS wants to help you and your loved ones get your life back. If you need to talk to someone immediately we have professional staff waiting to take your call.

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